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Vegas Crypto Group!

Vegas Crypto is facilitating a friendly and knowledgeable meetup group.
we organize meetups mix between crypto education, speakers crypto education,
networking and great conversation over food and drinks at the best locations Vegas has to offer.
Vegas Crypto is a meetup group that brings together individuals passionate about
self-ownership, free exchange, and emerging technology in the decentralized
and transparent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community.

Welcome to Vegas Crypto

Vegas Crypto Events

Our meetups offer a mix between speakers, networking and great conversation over food and drinks. Join our group and we hope to see you at our next meetup!

Organized Meetups

Event Pictures

A two day virtual summit about using Crypto to make your life better

Crypto Mindset Reset

The whole summit is about you! Join up to learn new skills, gain new resources, discover new perspectives and explore new sources of growth both personally and professionally. As we open up new horizons in freedom, personal growth and Cryptocurrency. Visit to learn more.

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Collaborate With Us

Sometimes the bear eats you and sometimes you eat the bear. At Vegas Crypto we’re eating during the bear market. We’re always open to new partnerships, speakers and sponsors. Contact to see how we can collaborate.
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Joining Date

Mon / Year
02 /01 / 20

You’ll get an exclusive membership card digital collectable that gives you access to our special rewards and drops. You’ll have access to a members only lounge at our in person events and in the metaverse.


VCG Membership Benefits

Access our monthly online and in person meetups & join our exclusive AMA’s and meet and greets with your
favorite Bitcoin and Crypto pioneers. Members only pricing for our online events. Discounted
merchandise and access to our monthly giveaways and contests. And much more!

Donations are greatly appreciated


CES 2020

Crypto Happy Hour

Video is from our 2020 CES Meetup. Read about it at Crypto.TheLatest.